The Journey of Colours

Step over my eyelids
And into my darkness,
Stand at the foot of my eyes
And be drowned.
Wade through my journeys,
My journeys of colours,
Melt in my fires
And freeze in my snows.

Behind my eyes there are colours,
There are journeys of colours,
Go fast or be still,
There will still be no motion,
No past and no future,
An energy of present,
Static in duration
but dynamic in now.

A tunnel with no walls
Will be your journey of colours,
The colours,
A kaleidoscope,
Unity and Divergence – The Same.
Swim through my breezes
And fly through my waters,
Float past my reason
And swallow my time.

There at the Feeling,
In the beautiful Rawness,
Is the end of your journey,
The beginning of me.
There you know nothing,
But there you know everything.
Our dreams are reality,
And our reality dreams.


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